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PyWPS philosophy

PyWPS is simple, fast to run, has low requirements on system resources, is modular. PyWPS solves the problem of exposing geospatial calculations to the web, taking care of security, data download, request acceptance, process running and final response construction. Therefore PyWPS has a bicycle in its logo.

Why is PyWPS there

Many scientific researchers and geospatial services provider need to setup system, where the geospatial operations would be calculated on the server, while the system resources could be exposed to clients. PyWPS is here, so that you could set up the server fast, deploy your awesome geospatial calculation and expose it to the world. PyWPS is written in Python with support for many geospatial tools out there, like GRASS GIS, R-Project or GDAL. Python is the most geo-positive scripting language out there, therefore all the best tools have their bindings to Python in their pocket.

PyWPS History

PyWPS started in 2006 as scholarship funded by German Foundation for Environment. During the years, it grow to version 4.0.x. In 2015, we officially entered to OSGeo incubation process. In 2016, Project Steering Committee has started. PyWPS was originally hosted by the Wald server, nowadays, we moved to GeoPython group on GitHub. Since 2016, we also have new domain

You can find more at history page.